Nepal Earthquake Progress Report- February 1, 2016

Difficult times in Nepal continue, hampering efforts to get much needed materials to many parts of Nepal that were devastated by last year’s earthquake.

As reported by Asia Pacific:

Nepal constitution talks fail to end protests. Talks between the Nepali government and minority groups to resolve a dispute over a new constitution have fallen apart, dashing hopes that protests that have led to crippling fuel shortages will end soon.

A resulting slow down in cross border truck traffic has plunged the landlocked nation into a fuel crisis that has hampered aid to survivors of last year’s deadly earthquake and has spawned a lucrative black market. It may take a few months before the boundary issues would be settled by the government.

Update from The Foundation:

In the meantime, while still dealing with the inability to get needed materials as well as coming to grips with the increased pricing that have resulted, we are still moving forward.

Our main efforts have been focused on helping the Sherpa’s complete the needed temporary maintenance to the exterior portion of those buildings that we are supporting through our rebuild program. This is necessary to prevent further damage from the severe winter windstorms common to this time of year. We are pleased to tell you that the temporary maintenance has been completed.

Maintenance of gable in long stay ward - Kunde Hospital

Maintenance of gable in long stay ward – Kunde Hospital

Maintenance of side wall in main hospital block

Maintenance of side wall in main hospital block

A formal plan for the build of a New Kunde Hospital and Rehabilitation Garden (complete with Heli-port), have been submitted and approvals have been given to fund the full construction of the largest block, (1 of 4), for the new Hospital. The Rehabilitation and Convalescent Garden is a new project approved in principal for $35,000 USD, asking the Sherpa Committee to see if costs can be cut and if a local sponsor will contribute part of the cost for the much needed Rehabilitation and Convalescent Garden for the area


Rebuilds of the Monastery and the school projects are underway and we will continue to update you on these projects. Also the rebuild of 2 village homes are proceeding as planned and work to the exterior of these building are now complete.

Village home being rebuilt before Winter

Outside walls complete ready to be finished inside.

Outside walls complete ready to be finished inside

We are so grateful for all your kind and generous support to help the Sherpa’s rebuild their lives and their futures. It is only through the contributions that this is made possible. This effort may take longer than anticipated but we are certain that the end result is something we can all be proud of.



Update – December 2015

The devastating earthquakes in Nepal this year and the allocation of funds to the Rebuild Programs have been our main focus to date. We have received many donations from across Canada and internationally from corporate donors, service clubs, other foundations and hundreds of individuals. All of which we are most grateful. These donations have been allocated to approved projects. Some planned projects are still awaiting engineer reports and estimates before providing final approval.

Approved projects include the Kunde Hospital Rebuild, the Khumjung School Complex which consists of the main Primary School and the Khumjung High School and the surrounding village schools. The Phaplu Primary School, a Monastery and some village projects have also been approved. Work has already begun at the Phaplu Primary School! As we receive further updates on these projects mentioned, we will be sharing photos of their progress on our website so you can see just how your donations are helping those so desperately in need.

We can assure you that the correct due diligence is in place on all rebuild projects to ensure that the work being done, not only to serve the local village’s requests, but most importantly will meet all requirements for safety and future earthquake preparedness. This will be accomplished by following the most recent engineering standards for building.

The current trade blockade at the Indian border is causing serious problems for Nepal. The blockade has led to a shortage of fuel, and a shortage of construction materials. It is yet another challenge facing the people of Nepal and efforts to re-build. We can only hope it does not seriously delay our rebuild projects.


Update – August 2015

First and most of all, we want to thank everyone for your generous donations to the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation’s Nepal Earthquake Rebuild Fund. We have been continuously working with our people on the ground in Nepal to assess the damage and determine the work that is required. We have also engaged the resources of structural engineers and builders to determine the safety aspects of those buildings that have been severely affected and to analyze the amount of work and the cost required to rebuild or renovate. While some projects have been approved to move forward, the demand on workers in the High Himalayas as in most areas of Nepal is stretched to the maximum; this coupled with the Monsoon Season is causing the process to move at a slower pace than originally anticipated. Many families, including our own Dr. Kami’s family, are back into parts of their living quarters while the clean-up continues. Some others are also still sleeping in tents.

At The Kunde Hospital temporary tent shelters were set up immediately following the earthquakes to allow for continuation of needed health care for patients, health care workers and some residents of Kunde. The same can be said of many families and their homes in small villages throughout the mountain areas. We have been receiving updates from Nepal along with detailed estimates of damages inflicted on many of the projects supported by The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation for many years. We can assure you that every dollar that you have so generously donated will go to support these projects and a few others too! We will continue to monitor the progress of the engineers and builders and once we have all the pertinent information we will act and again update everyone who donated through our Website and Newsletters. A further important happening is that our President, Karen O’Connor, along with another Director of the Foundation, Nima Sherpa, will go to Nepal in a few weeks to work with the local committees as we endeavor to Help the Sherpas in every way we can!!

We sincerely thank you and appreciate your continued support and patience.

Karen O’Connor

Robert Kolbuc
Earthquake Committee