As we enter late summer 2019 and look ahead, we usually are reaching out to you with a hold the date for the SEHF Annual Gala. I regret to inform you that our Annual Gala Dinner and Auctions, usually celebrated at the Omni King Edward Hotel in Toronto, will not be held this Fall. The Annual Gala Event is an important fiscal contributor to our ongoing projects in Nepal, and it is only the second time in 30 years we have had to scale back on it. We are in the process of organizing another special event which will take place either this fall or early spring of 2020. We were hoping, if you were planning to attend this year’s gala, you might still consider helping us during this transitional period by donating to the SEHF the money you would have spent on tickets, tables, auction items etc. An official tax receipt will be provided to you on the full dollar amount of your donation! We are hard at work regrouping to cope with our loss of our corporate sponsor which directly resulted in this financial setback and although we have had to make some hard choices we hope our supporters will help us continue the climb to help the Sherpas help themselves. We look forward to seeing you all at the special event coming up and will be releasing that information shortly.


Doctor Kami Temba Sherpa reports by email that all is going well at the Kunde Hospital. He advises that the pre and post-natal care programs are running smoothly. He is pleased to see more and more local women attending clinics!!

Doctor Kami also reports that the Beyul Healing Garden adjacent to the hospital is being used regularly by many patients & seniors! Maintenance has been excellent. He also said that his assistant, Doctor Kanchi, in her third year at Kunde, has been tops in her work!

Reports from the Zeke O’Connor High School in Phaplu continue to show high standards & results in Science!! Our SEHF group in the U S continue to monitor progress and support our success with helping students and their families there!

Although the nurseries and most other environmental issues have been turned over to the Local Buffer Zone Committee, Yangji Sherpa continues to keep us informed on the situation!

Again, I thank all who help us now and who have helped us in the past!



Zeke O’Connor
Founder, Past President & Executive Director


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