Zeke O’Connor School Newsletter –

Phaplu, Nepal, Summer 2022



Pronounced – Samarpita

English = Devoted

The staff and students of the Zeke O’Connor School are fully “Devoted” to learning

The Zeke O’Connor School Junior Section

Update on the Junior Section

As you may have heard, our big news is that the primary wing of the Phaplu Community School is now part of the Zeke O’Connor School and will be funded by the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation. Students from Early Childhood Development (ECD) through grade six are e

ducated in what we will now refer to as the Junior Section of the Zeke O’Connor School. The Junior Section has been providing free quality education to the under resourced children of Solukhumbu and adjoining districts since 2005. The school administration and teachers have done an exemplary job of growing the hearts and minds of these young students. The Junior Section is happy and grateful to be part of SEHF family. The Junior Section is led by coordinator Mr. Man Kumar Shrestha. The new school year began on the 17th of May and 50 additional students were admitted in this session. We educate 170 students in 4 buildings dedicated to the Junior Section. There are 10 teachers and one support staff. It is a 30-minute walk down the hill from the Zeke O’Connor High School buildings.  School.

Many activities are performed by the school during the year. Students are engaged during the school time and outside of regular classes. The students are divided into four houses. The house names are red, white, blue and yellow. Various extracurricular activities such as drawing competition, essay writing, poem competition, hand writing competition and quiz competition are organized in the school. Physical games such as hot potato, relay races, football, volleyball, etc. are also played by the students.


A Great Start for the ONE Program

Would you like to learn more about the ONE Program or find out how to sponsor a student?

 ONE Program      |      SPONSOR A STUDENT

Update on the Senior Section

The new session began for our students in the Zeke O’Connor School Senior Section grades 7-12 on 17 May 2022. Students and teachers were filled with hope and energy. The students in grades 11-12 have a curriculum focused on STEM. We are the only school in the Solukhumbu District to have such a heavy emphasis on science. This makes the education gained at Zeke O’Connor School very desirable and many families make significant sacrifices for their students to attend. Currently, we have approximately 20 students in each grade.

Past Students Return to Visit!

In June, our 7-12th graders had a special visit from 6 former Zeke O’Connor School students including Mingmar Sherpa who currently lives in the United States. These men are finding success in life as engineers, medical school students, research scientists, and NGO administrators. Our students heard what the former students are doing now and listened to some words of wisdom regarding working hard and being resilient. Students asked great questions and celebrated the wonderful visit.

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