Montreal Rover Scouts – Project Yeti 2016

Please enjoy the video submission “Project Yeti 2016” made by one of the Montreal Rover Scouts on their recent trip to Nepal.  Sincere thanks for the much needed assistance in volunteering for the various Earthquake Rebuild Projects with        The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation.

Rovers carrying seedlings for plantation

With Thanks! to the Rover Scouts from Montreal in Thame assisting with planting 4,000 trees and painting at the Clinic and Monestary – May 2016.

Rover scouts team departing from Thame


Zeke O’Connor meeting with Brendan and Mary Kaye at Lukla Helipad during his visit for the Kunde Hospital’s 50th Anniversary in May 2016.

Zeke Brendan Mary & Friends at Beyul





Zeke O’Connor attending the official opening of the Beyul Healing Gardens during his May 2016 visit to Nepal for the Kunde Hospital’s 50th Anniversary.


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Images from 2015 Earthquake


Images from The Zeke O’Connor High School

Opening Ceremonies for The Zeke O’Connor High School