As the calendar year comes to an end, we look forward to the year 2003 with great expectations. I would like to thank all of you who have helped since our initial meetings in 1974. Our efforts to form a Foundation to assist Sir Edmund with his humanitarian work started then and, today, 28 years later, we still continue to help in many ways.

The year 2002 has been one of grave concern in Nepal. Insurrection, Royal family assassination and world problems have all led to critical conditions in Nepal.

We have been on the alert regarding our people, local as well as the foreign doctors at the Kunde Hospital. Fortunately, so far, the Maoist movement has been less severe in the Khumbu but quite devastating in the Solu.

Dr. Kami Temba Sherpa has now passed all requirements and is resident at the Kunde Hospital supported by Dr. Heather Culbert and Dr. Rod Leighton. Dr. Joan Ford and Dr. Bob Zimmerman have worked out a rotation of Canadian Medical Doctors to assist Dr. Kami Temba to take charge of this important facility.

2002 has been a very busy year in Toronto. Mike Bittman and Bob Westlake are preparing CIDA projects for on-going programs at the hospital:

  • staff
  • capital expenditure (equipment)
  • reporting schedule

We have reviewed the reforestation project in Sagarmatha National Park and are pleased with the results. We became involved in 1979. Consultant Nick Ledgard has continued to spearhead this program. Now what about the future?

Our Literacy Program in the Solu Valley has been interrupted by the Maoist troubles, but we have not abandoned it.

I have just returned from New Zealand and the Himalayan Trust Annual General Meeting. They too are looking to the future which seems to be headed in the right direction. Ang Rita Sherpa and his Sherpa Advisory Board are slowly taking charge and eventually will run the entire operation of the Himalayan Trust. Dr. Kami Temba and his capable assistant, Mingma Temba, have a strong support staff and will continue to be our main concern.

Foundation – main objectives

  • Kunde Hospital
  • Sagarmatha Forestry
  • Education, training, literacy
  • Fundraising projects
  • Build a plan for the years ahead

Our 2000 to 2010 plan for the future of Kunde Hospital is moving along very well in spite of the Maoist problems etc.

We again thank all our supporters for their help! Special thanks to CIDA, Sears and especially our 600 loyal constituents across Canada.