The year ending June 30, 2004, in Nepal has been filled, in many ways, with good news and bad news. Good news covered at the Board meeting:

  • Our two medical scholarship students are doing well scholastically in spite of interruptions from the Maoist insurrection.
  • The formation of the Himalayan Trust Nepal and its assuming full responsibility of administration under the supervision of Ang Rita Sherpa (Khumjung).
  • Reforestation – Click to read an excerpt of a letter from N. Ledgard.
  • Future planning 2005 – 2006 plus five-year plan
  • So far Maoists have not interrupted health care in Kunde Hospital area.
  • Financial situation; review and discussion of future Directors

Sad news:

  • The insurrection in Nepal has worsened. Maoist have killed many thousands of Nepalese.
  • Kathmandu is under curfew – our people are safe, so far.

Sir Edmund and I plan to meet in Kathmandu in Spring 2005 to review plans for the future.

Appointment of Interim Treasurer

Mr. M. Bittman tendered his resignation as the Treasurer of the Foundation. This was accepted by the Board. The President, on behalf of the Board, expressed appreciation to Mr. Bittman for his service to the Foundation.

Mr. R. G. Westlake has been appointed as acting Treasurer of the Foundation effective June 10, 2004, to serve in that capacity pending appointment of a new Treasurer.

Mr. Westlake is appointed as Chair of the Financial Committee and a member of the Executive Committee to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Mr. Bittman.

W. Z. O’Connor, President